SEE CHANGE FOUNDATION, a US 501(c)3 Public Charity

We believe the best way to empower communities is through giving them the tools to help themselves. Working closely with local community organizations, we provide scholarships to rural children, help fund essential medical care and engage in sustainable rural development projects. 


Nearly 2 out of 3 Nepalese children do not finish primary school. The majority are needed by their parents at home in order to look after the fields or their younger siblings.

See Change has awarded over 50 students with scholarships in the last year, making it possible for more children to finish school. 

Rural Development

With limited local budgets, it is not surprising that building facilities are not a top priority in rural Nepal. Many school buildings lack basic facilities like water tanks, stationery, and desks.

See Change has provided everything from laptops for free computer classes to water tanks to provide safe drinking water access.


90% of Nepal's doctors are located in urban cities while 80% of Nepal's population lives in rural areas. We help kids get treatment - from providing a heart valve transplant to basic vaccinations.

See Change works closely with local leaders to locate children who need medical help.