Meet the team!

We are all volunteers. Welcome to our passion. 


Erik Bouchard, Founder

In 2011, Erik Bouchard quit his job at JP Morgan Chase in Singapore, gave away his possessions and moved into the mountains of Nepal. During his stay Erik carried out funding for projects such as school rooms, computers in classrooms and a heart valve transplant for a 7 year old boy. He helps people by nature and his passion is not only helping kids but helping donors understand how little it takes to make a huge difference. 

Read more about Erik here. 


Huma Gurung, Nepal Director

Huma is our daily source of inspiration. She works with local schools, organisations and leaders to locate children who need our help. She still has time to help us even after overseeing an orphanage of 22 children and being the secretary of the local Rotary Club.  She received her higher education from Tribhuwan University in Nepal.


Ben Vaughan, Board Member

My name is Ben and I am a geek. My day job keeps me busy working in high-tech stuff in downtown Chicago, solving interesting problems with creative and maintainable solutions. My real job is being a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two energetic boys.


Bindu Kodwaney, Board Member

I have two strikingly different personalities. In the professional world, I am the bridge between business & technology. On the personal front, I let myself lose, let go of logic, get adventurous and enjoy life. I love to travel (without planning), try different cuisines and take pictures. I enjoy being outdoors, watching sunrises and sunsets over open landscapes and find nature to be very soothing and calming. I have a loving husband who treats me like a queen and makes bed tea for me over the weekend. That's the best part of my life.


Jason Taylor, Board Member

I fell in love with technology when my father brought home an IBM PS/2 from his work and put it in my bedroom. Whenever I was grounded I knew I had hours of KingsQuest, Zork and DOS commands to look forward to.  When I'm not in the United States I'm usually in Mexico on a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Today, I work in IT Management and live in Chicago with my family of four.