Since 2011 we have helped hundreds of children access education and healthcare in rural Nepal

Second college installment for Jyoti

March 2016

Jyoti stopped by this week with her father to receive the second instalment of her college scholarship! She graduated top of her class in secondary school and her family was unable to afford college. With all of your help, she's able to continue her studies and bring a bright future to her family. 

Library for Bal Mandir Secondary School

April 2016

In partnership with the Rotaract Club of Pokhara-Fishtail, SCF is sponsoring the buildout of a library at the Bal Mandir Secondary School in Lumely, Nepal. In addition to the books and equipment, we are providing 3 years of library management training and the resupplying of books.

Second year of SCF scholarships for Sanjaya and Chankhe

December 2015

Sanjaya and Chankhe came all the way from far western Lamjung to meet with our founder and volunteer, Erik, on his recent trip to Nepal and to receive their second year of scholarships. Both boys are maintaining a great position in their school class. 

Remodeling and hot water heater for IWCDC orphanage

January 2016

SCF has purchased a 500 liter solar water heater for our friends at the children's home. This is the first time in their lives they will be able to take a hot shower! In addition, we are remodelling the washing areas, showers and bathrooms.

New SCF English Teacher

August 2015

Our new SCF volunteer John has touched down in Lamjung! He'll be teaching English at a small government school and helping us carry out some of our rural healthcare and education projects.

Educational field trip for IWCDC orphanage

November 2015

SCF sponsored an overnight field trip to Chitwan National Park for our friends at the children's home. All 23 kids had the opportunity to experience and learn about the Tharu culture, life in the plains of Nepal and see animals they've only read about in books - from crocodiles and elephants to wild rhinoceroses. It was a first time for everyone!

Our first college scholarship recipient, Jyoti

August 2015

Meet our very first college scholarship recipient, Jyoti!

She graduated high school top in her class and also passed the college entrance exam. She wants to study science but her family does not have the means to cover her tuition. She's super brilliant and has the opportunity to be the breadwinner for her family of labour workers. 

Third semi-annual scholarship for Samjhana

August 2015

We recently provided Samjhana her third semi-annual See Change scholarship. She's been rocking her classes and is able to keep in school thanks to you all.

Scholarship update for Samjhana and Niruta

July 2015

Samjhana and Niruta stopped by today to receive their yearly tuition scholarships. These lovely sisters were born into some unfortunate circumstances and are able to continue their studies thanks to their scholarship from SCF. They are happy, healthy and doing well in school.

Construction materials for school in Thuleswara, Lamjung

July 2015

We recently distributed tin to the Saraswati Sadan Secondary School in Lamjung to build temporary classrooms. The distribution was in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lamjung and the local community.

See the last picture in this post to understand how the kids have been studying outdoors and in the open since the earthquake. 

Mosquito Net Distrubition

May 2015

Over 300 mosquito nets have been sponsored and distributed in Gorkha and Lamjung. Recipients are families who lost their homes and are currently living in temporary housing structures. 

Temporary Orphanage Structures

May 2015

In partnership with, we have sponsored the construction of 20 temporary housing units for orphanages who lost their buildings. 

Gorkha Emergency Housing

May 2015

200 tarps have been sponsored and distributed through the Red Cross and Rotary Club of Gorkha to families who lost their homes in the quake. The district of Gorkha is neighboring to Lamjung and is among the hardest hit in Nepal. 


Lamjung Temporary Housing

May 2015

570 quality tin roofing sheets have been sponsored via the Rotary Club of Lamjung. They will be used, along with bamboo, to create temporary housing for the 57 low income families who lost their homes in Gauda, Ward 6, Lamjung.

The material will later be repurposed as the roofs of their new homes when the rebuilding phase begins later this year. 

Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certifications

April 2015

In partnership with the Red Cross and sponsored by SCF. Taken just hours before the deadly earthquake.  This has been a big priority for us - giving the local communities the skills to be a first line of defence for injuries. 

Lamjung  Emergency Housing

April 2015

364 tarps have been purchased and donated to the Lamjung district police relief efforts for emergency housing. They are being distributed in partnership  with local governments relief efforts and with the Rotary Club and the Red Cross.


Uniforms for brothers Rupesh, Umesh and Suresh

April 2015

We spent the morning taking them around to get school uniforms, shoes and backpacks. They went to school last year unregistered and without proper school attire or supplies. 

Culture Field Trip with orphanage

April 2015

Overnight trip to Kaulepani Tourism Village with the kids at the IWCDC Orphanage home. We spent the day learning about the local Gurung culture, hiking, singing, dancing and eating MOUNTAINS of rice. 


Repainting the IWCDC Orphanage

April 2015

We have repainting the interior of the Orphanage home. Check out our Before and After pictues - it's starting to feel like kids live here!

In Progress: New Scholarship for Sarita

April 2015

In Progress

New Security Gate at IWCDC Orphanage

March 2015

In remembrance today of Mr. Leknath Adhikary, See Change Foundation has made a donation to build a new compound wall and gate at the Children's home.  The new compound wall will replace the current dilapidated mesh fencing. It will provide much needed security for the children and create an atmosphere the children can both feel safe in and be proud of. The Home will fund 20% and SCF 80%

Water & Sanitation Project at IWCDC Orphanage

April 2015

We will be hiring a plumber to fix all the broken water pipes at the Children's home. 3/4 showers are not functional, 1/2 outside taps are broken and the only sink in the dining room doesn't work. In addition, the home is running at 50% water storage capacity due to broken pipes leading to persistent water shortages.

Scholarship Renewals and New Volunteer

March 2015

We renewed our yearly scholarships to Gautam, Saraswati and Bikash. They come from underpriveleged families and we are putting them in an advanced school to give them an edge in studies. They are joined by our new Volunteer, Maddie, who is helping cooridinate our rural projects. 

Lighting Project at IWCDC Orphanage

March 2015

Just 13 of the 49 lights in the home were functioning when we started this project. The water pump, 3 out of 4 showers and backup water tank were all broken. We've fixed all the wiring, lighting, ventilation and plumbing issues in the entire home improving their hygiene, studies, security and overall welfare.

Donor Recognition Postcard Project

January 2015

The postcards have arrived! Our founder has donated 1000 postcards which we will be mailing out to every single one of our donors - past, present and future. It's our way of saying thanks for your continued support!

Water Filter distributions to communities without clean drinking water

February 2015

In Partnership with the Rotary Club, we are distributing 18 water tank and micro-filters. They are being distributed to needy schools and community centers where clean drinking water is not available. 

Bikash's second scholarship from SCF

November 2014

Our scholarship recipient Bikash meeting with SCF Founder Erik (the blue yeti).  Bikash was born into some unfortunate circumstances and is keeping in school another year thanks to your support.

Winter clothing distribution to needy children

December 2014

Distribution of 71 sweaters to the needy children of Bal Mandir school in Besisahar. This work was carried out in partnership with the Rotary Club of Lamjung. Many thanks to our donors for helping these children out during the winter months!

Surgery for Pramila

October 2014

Pramila broke her arm after falling off a Nepali swing and was unable to afford treatment.  She was born into one of Nepal's lowest castes and is taken care of by her grandmother in a neighbouring village.  We've provided surgery to her and are currently working with her on her recovery. 

Rechargeable lamps Distribution

October 2014

In partnership with the Rotaract Club of Pokhara-Fishtail, SCF has funded 21 rechargeable lamps for students preparing for their final examinations. With daily power outages up to 10 hours each day, these lamps will allow kids to study at their homes throughout the evening hours. 

Scholarship for Priya

September 2014

Lots of love from Priya for the SCF Scholarship and helping her keep in school !

Scholarship for Tulsi

September 2014

Tulsi is a brilliant kid who has some unfortunate economic circumstances at home. Tulsi and her three siblings rely entirely on her mothers labor. With your help, she is now back in school and has our full support to continue her education.

Scholarships for Niruta and Samjhana

July 2014

Niruta and Samjhana are sisters and were born into extremely unfortunately circumstances. See Change Foundation will be covering their yearly tuition to keep in school!

Scholarship for Shantimaya

June 2014

Hey all, it has been a while! We did some fundraising on Facebook back in January for Shanti Maya. Here she is receiving her scholarship from See Change Foundation - thanks to all of you!

Scholarships for Chankhe, Bipin and Sanjaya

May 2014

SCF Volunteer Judy meeting with three of our latest scholarship recipients Chankhe, Bipin, and Sanjaya. These kids are able to stay in school thanks to all of your support.

Scholarships for Samjhana

April 2014

SCF Volunteer Judy meeting with one of our scholarship recipients Samjhana and her father. We are keeping this young lady in school by covering her tuition, uniform and school supplies. Thanks to you all !

Surgery for Surya

April 2014

Surya received multiple injuries to his body and skull while cutting grass for his livestock. Surya was prematurely discharged from the hospital before SCF got word of him. We covered 75% of his surgery costs while the remainder was funded by the local community. 

Scholarship for Bikash

February 2014

We would like to give Bikash a chance to study at a local private school in his village. He was born into a lower "caste" in Nepal which puts his family against the odds in society. Both of Bikash's parents earn income through their physical labour. 

Scholarship for Gautam

December 2013

Gautam lives with his mother and together they live off of what she earns from her own physical labor. We'll be covering his scholarship so he can keep in school and continue his education at a local private school.

Scholarship for Saraswati

December 2013

Saraswati was abandoned as a small child and has since been taken care of by another villager. We'll be putting her in a local private school so she can get the best education available. 

Scholarship for Bishnu

November 2013

Erik standing next to our latest scholarship recipient Bishnu! Taken at the Lamjung Skills Development Foundation where she is continuing her education in carpentry thanks to you all!

Children's Day Supplies Distribution

September 2013

See Change Foundation partnered with the Rotary Club of Lamjung to sponsor 15 parentless children with school uniforms, backpacks and supplies to celebrate Children's Day in Nepal on September 14th, 2013.

Solar Lamps for remote rural families

November 2012

SCF donated solar rechargeable lamps and radios to rural villagers who do not have proper access to electricity. 

Emergency treatment for Pratikshya

August 2012

Pratikshya is one of the children living at the IWCDC Children's home. She contracted a skin problem that is spreading across her hands and arms. SCF got her to a hospital in a major city for treatment and subsequent checkups. 

Infrastructure upgrades at the IWCDC childrens home

July 2012

SCF installed a new water tank, roofing, security wall and dormitory carpeting for the children at IWCDC. No more rain in the kitchen, water shortages or studying on cold cement!

Laptop donation for remote village

June 2012

SCF has donated 5 laptops to a remote village. Volunteers are teaching basic skills such as basic use and word processing.

New classrooms and toiiet built for remote school

May 2012

SCF has constructed 2 new classrooms and toliet for a remote school in the district of Lamjung. 

Heart Valve Transplant for Aditya

December 2011

SCF has helped fund a heart valve transplant for Aditya, a 7 year old boy in the Kaski district. He's doing great after his surgery and is busy being a kid again!

School supplies distribution day

November 2011

SCF has donated thousands of pencils, erasers, stickers and notebooks for a rural school in Lamjung Nepal.