Namaste, Welcome to Nepal!

Situated between India and Tibet, Nepal is enormously rich in its biodiversity, culture and local communities. Roughly the size of New York state, it has over 93 recognised languages and is home to 8 out of 10 of the worlds tallest mountains. From Rhinoceroses in the plains of the south to Snow Leopards in the mountains of the north, Nepal is a country of extreme contrast.

With all of its natural resources and history, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world where nearly 2 out of 3 children do not complete their education. Nearly 80 percent of Nepal's population lives in the rural landscape surviving through subsistence farming. According to a study released in 2011, over 1/3rd of the population lives on less than $0.50 USD per day.

Despite their hardships, the Nepali people are some of the most warm hearted, resilient and happy people in the world. Examples can be found throughout the country where communities help to harvest each others crops and groups of school children walk each other across treacherous terrain after school.


Did you know? Nepali people greet each other with the words Namaste while holding the hands together? Namaste translates literally to "I bow to you," while spiritually it means "I salute the god in you."



Over half of women in rural Nepal are illiterate.